MAC II was founded in 1967 by Mica Ertegun and the late Chessy Rayner.  After 40 years, MAC II is widely considered one

of today's preeminent firms in the field. 

The firm's particular talent is in the mixture of antique and contemporary aspects of their designs.  Thus, the use of important

antique furniture, modern pieces and whimsical items of no great value.  This applies to all other parts of their design, for

example, the use of an antique fabric on a modern chair, an antique carpet in a modern setting, or the use of old Kilims to

upholster new sofas, etc. The result is always serene, uncluttered, yet elegant environments.  One is always wonderfully 

surprised by these unexpected combinations, they render each project unique. The firm has followed this model for over

40 years, and it continues to serve them well. 

Clients are predominantly of the very well-established, including many top echelon business people and commercial
enterprises including Bill Blass, Warner Communications, Safra National Bank, Keith Richards, Henry Kravis, Mr.
and Mrs. Michael Eisner, Mr. and Mrs. James Buffett, Mr. and Mrs. William Acquavella, and HRH Princess Firyal
of Jordan, among others. 

125 East 81st Street
New York, NY 10028

p 212.249.4466
f  212.734.8841